Jessica DelVecchio

frontend developer

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  • CMS Development

    No longer just for blogging, CMSs have been adapted to be functional in any industry. Easily customizable to each owner, no two websites need be the same in styling, functionality or integrations. Take advantage of SEO boosting and security features without becoming an expert yourself.

  • Hand-Coding

    Customized code matches exact business needs or technology requirements by utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Liquid and React.js to build a new website, e-commerce storefront, landing page, or web application or make adjustments to an existing project rather than a one-size-fits-all theme in a box.

  • JavaScript & Interactivity

    JavaScript is one of the web's leading programming languages due to flexibility and ever growing libraries and frameworks that only facilitate its use. JavaScript makes quick work of hover effects, slideshows, timers, widgets, audio, video and interactive drop down menus.

  • API Integration

    Bring advanced interaction and utilize data from your favorite websites and web apps by adding API integration. Whether adding a quote-of-the-day, google map directions to your location or displaying detailed systems data, API integration can boost the effectiveness of your website.

  • Version Control & Collaboration

    Seamless workflow between a team of developers is crucial when working on large projects or when many people are working on the same codebase. By using Git and pushing code to an origin repository nothing is lost in translation.

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